The Great Debate

Little Miss and I had a pretty heated debate last night. Before I tell you all about it I need to give you some important information.

1. It was an overcast and rainy day yesterday and the weather determines my mood. When it’s overcast I’m usually just tired…but when it’s rainy and overcast I’m tired and completely unmotivated.

2. Little Miss is sassy.

It all started while trying to figure out dinner. And while trying to figure out dinner I realized something. Something of great importance.

I really, really, really, didn’t want to cook.

After coming to that realization, I looked at my daughter…my beautiful daughter and asked her a simple question.

“Oh Little Miss. You’re my helper. My big helper and because you’re my big helper will you please please please make dinner tonight.”

To which she replied…


“Wait. What? Did you just say ‘No’ to making dinner for your poor, sick momma?”


“But I really think you should cook dinner. You’d do a great job. You help me so much when we make cookies and brownies and cake (see a pattern here). Why not just go and make dinner for me since I’m not feeling that great.”


“No. So that’s it. That’s your final answer?”

“Yes. I’m sorry Mom. I just can’t make dinner for you.”

“But WHHHHHHHYYYYYYY?” (said in a very very whiny voice)

“Because Mom. SIGH. I’m 5. I know I’ll be 6 soon but I’m still just 5 and I just can’t make dinner.”

“Oh. So when you’re 6 you’ll make dinner for me?”


I think she won this round. Why? Because I did end up making dinner. While she sat with Little Man and laughed and played the night away.


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