Today is Ash Wednesday. And Ash Wednesday is the official start of the Lenten season.

And with Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season comes giving something up. Now typically, when younger, I would give up sweets, chocolate, fried food goodness, things like that. But these days, I’ve been trying to give up something harder, something that may change me for the better. Last year I gave up swearing and even had a jar to put coins in every time I did swear and at the end of the season the coins were counted and given to those who my swearing truly effects…my kids. And since giving up swearing for Lent, it has become significantly toned down.

So this year, I’ve decided to give up something else that effects my kids. This year, I’m giving up yelling. Not all yelling because after thinking about it there are instances where yelling isn’t bad. Cheering for your kids and such. I’m giving up yelling out of anger.

This could get interesting. I may have a tad bit of a temper that I’ve worked for many many years trying to control. I do pretty well but there are times where I may or may not blow up and yell. It’s not good for me, my husband, or my kids. So this is my challenge. And hopefully giving up yelling out of anger for Lent will stick.

And no, I don’t yell all the time. I don’t even yell most of the time. But I’m beginning to realize that I don’t want to yell at all. It’s just…it’s not something I like about myself and something that needs to change. And I’m hoping that this Lenten season will help me change this about myself.

So now the big question…If you are giving up anything this Lenten season, what is it?


One thought on “Lent

  1. Grammie says:

    I am going to try to have more patience. I certainly have someone trying to upset me each day, but since that can’t be helped I have to be the patient one. Wish me luck as I hope you have a lot of luck. We love you anyway.

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