Bad Pinner

Most of you have heard me mention of a little site called Pinterest. Well, I’m afraid to admit, that as of late, I’ve been a bad pinner. Not only have I not been on the site much I also haven’t done anything that I’ve pinned.

I know. I must hang my head in shame.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to be on pinterest, it’s just lately I’ve actually been *GASP* really busy.

So for this weeks pinterest challenge hosted by my beautiful friend Bohemian Transplant, I thought I would show you things I’m planning on doing…soon…I hope.

1. First up….this beautiful sign

I need it. I want it. I could definitely make it. This particular sign was found on etsy for sale but I know I could find a way to make it. It would be perfect to explain the mess that is my house.

2. Next…Make your own cookbook from

No more papers everywhere. All those online recipes printed out and stuffed into various cookbooks gone!


I love this and only one state out there has mine and my hubby’s heart and that would be Florida. This one was found at

4. Need an idea for those kid scribbles?

This idea is from It’s a great way to showcase those baby scribbles and cherish them for as long as you want without tons of papers getting in the way.

5. Last but not least. I don’t know about you but my linen/bathroom storage closet doesn’t look like this…

But it needs to. This should be the first project I tackle. I have to shove everything in my closet and hurry to shut the door before everything falls out. This would definitely solve that problem 😉 This idea is from

I definitely have lots of projects on the horizon. Hopefully this post helps me start to tackle them!

And if you have done anything that you’ve pinned on pinterest…share it with us over at!


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