Our Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings, in our house, aren’t normal Saturday mornings. We sort of have a routine, a special routine, just for Saturday mornings. First off, we call our Saturday mornings, Pancake Saturdays. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. We have pancakes every Saturday. It’s our thing.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The start of our Saturday is sleeping in as long as the kids will let us. We try to push it to 8 and sometimes we get really lucky and the kids let us sleep until 8:30 but most mornings it’s around 7:30 that the kids start waking and Mr. Chaos and I finally get out of bed around 8.

Then Momma (aka me) starts making pancakes while Little Man starts playing with his cars.

And while Little Man plays with his cars and Momma makes Pancakes, Little Miss tries to convince me with her awesome bed head that she needs something else to eat before pancakes.

Little Man pretends he’s not tired

and Little Miss pouts because I told her she has to wait until pancakes for breakfast.

And while Little Miss and Little Man enjoy their pancakes, Mr. Chaos and I enjoy some time to ourselves talking about important, life altering decisions.

Ok maybe not life altering but we spend quality time together.

And once pancakes are done and the kitchen is clean, our Saturday no longer has a routine. It becomes Chaos Saturday and sometimes it even becomes lazy Saturday. Because everyone needs a lazy Saturday every now and then.



One thought on “Our Saturday Morning

  1. Grammie says:

    When u get 81 and 86. ever day is lazy Saturday. Only no pancakes!!! One suggestion is make your pancake batter the night before and it will be easier on you and much faster pancakes for Lil Miss. Ha

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