Little Miss and Little Man in The Case of the Missing Macadamia Nuts

I love macadamia nuts and I happened to have a nice big bag in my pantry for just the right occasion. Or for whenever I was craving some macadamia nuts.

But…my cherished macadamia nuts went missing.

So of course, I put my best detective on the case. Little Miss.

She told me she would do everything in her power to find them.

I told her it was of utmost importance that they be found.

She asked me why.

I said because I was hungry for macadamia nuts.

She said that was a good reason. So off she went in search of evidence so she could find the missing macadamia nuts

She didn’t have to look far. She caught the culprit red-handed.

“Who me? I didn’t take them!”

“Oh really Little Man…where did you get that bag of macadamia nuts?”

She questioned Little Man for quite sometime. I was impressed. He never cracked though. Kept blaming it on the dog.

Detective Little Miss came prepared. “If the dog took them…then how do you explain this picture Little Man?”

“It clearly shows you taking the macadamia nuts. Do you deny it?”

“I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry! But you’re not so innocent yourself Detective!”

“Uh….Detective Little Miss…what does he mean?”

It seems Little Man came prepared himself. “Ask the detective to explain this picture to you mama!”

“GASP! DETECTIVE LITTLE MISS! Are you stealing my macadamia nuts?!?!”

It seems that it was a joint job. The detective was in on it the entire time. She helped him steal the macadamia nuts and then took the picture to make it seem like Little Man worked alone.

So what did I do to my little thieves? Why I shared my macadamia nuts with them of course 😉



One thought on “Little Miss and Little Man in The Case of the Missing Macadamia Nuts

  1. Grammie says:

    That is too cute. It seems the older one likes to put everything on the younger one. That is just adorable. Kendall took a good picture!!!give them a kiss from me.

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