Yes….I mean No…I mean Wait…

Mr. Chaos and I have loads of decisions to make within the next couple months. Mostly military related. The thing about military related decisions is that they’re not definite until orders come down. So you could make a decision and stick to that decision and then the military will typically throw you a curve ball and a week before the decision has to be made you have to remake it.

So most decisions are made more last minute than you would think.

The other problem with military decisions…each decisions has about 27 options and each option has about 42 what-if’s mixed in that all have to be taken into account before a decision can be made.

So you finally make a decision and if you’re lucky, the decision will stick.

What if you’re unlucky you ask?

If you’re unlucky chances are that your command will say to you, “Sorry that option is available anymore.”

And then that wonderful process starts all over again.


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