Ten Fun Facts about Little Miss and Little Man

1. Little Miss has developed the attitude I had when I was 13. That’s right a 13 year old’s attitude smashed into a 5 year old. As you can imagine it’s fun. And sometimes it’s funny.

2. Little Miss LOVES (insert voice dripping with sarcasm) when I take pictures of her. Just loves it.

3. Little Man turns 2 on Friday 😦 I can’t believe that he’ll be 2. I’m a little in shock.

4. Little Man always has a dirty face. It’s the boy in him. I clean his face and two seconds later it’s dirty. I think he likes it that way.

5. My kids are both very artsy. They love drawing and painting and coloring and cutting and anything that has to do with art.

6. Little Man has to be on the go. All the time. As I’m typing this, he’s handing me his shoes. If someone leaves the house, he expects to go and if he doesn’t…well let’s just say he gets upset. Which leads me into…

7. Little Man is starting to show me that he inherited my temper. As did my daughter. Making this a household of three (yes three) German tempers and one (Mr. Chaos) that has to deal with three German tempers. Poor man.

8. Little Miss may become a hoarder. I put her to bed at night in a clean bed and when she wakes up it is full of stuffed animals, books, and dolls.  Sometimes I don’t know how she fits into her bed. Oh and if a blanket is bought, it’s automatically her blanket.

9. Little Miss watches the same movie over and over again. For days, sometimes weeks, she’ll watch the same movie and never get tired of it. I wondered where she got this trait from and have discovered she definitely got it from her daddy who will play the same song over and over and over again until he’s sick of it. Then when it’s played on the radio he says it’s been “overplayed.” Yeah it has…by him. Little Miss got Cars 2 for Christmas and I believe I already have most of it memorized.

10. My kids…they’re awesome


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