It’s cold outside. Like feels as though it is 30 degrees or so thanks to the 20 mph winds that are howling outside.

And we’re busy. We just got back from vacation a couple days ago and I’m working on getting unpacked. It’s not going well. Not at all. I don’t want to do any of it. There are toys everywhere. Literally everywhere and just when I feel like tackling all the toys I remember the kitchen is a disaster and clothes need to be put away and laundry needs to be done. Then I just talk myself out of doing any of it.

Will someone please send some motivation my way to get all this done? Better yet, who wants to come to my house and clean it for me?!

Ok. No takers. Well then, you will find me under all the clothes that are topped with toys and dirty dishes and clothes that need washing.


2 thoughts on “Manic

  1. JennyO says:

    =o) Quite honestly the best way to attack that is room by room honey. Don’t think about that laundry, go in the kitchen turn on some music get it done. Do it like a 4 day program. Day 1 – Kitchen, Day 2, Get the toys put away… I use Fly Ladies Zones… if you keep a basket or some collection rubermaid tub in the room your in and collect up stuff that needs to move from the room it will help you stay focused on that ONE room and not wander. Good luck! I feel your pain, the Christmas tree is gasping for breath – its going down tonight.

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