Holiday Cheer

It’s been busy around here. Doing everything to get ready for the holidays. The kids love having the decorations up Little Miss is starting to put “presents” under the tree and hand them out to everyone. Last night I got a choo choo train. Just what I always wanted.

They are completely obsessed with the lights we have around the inside of the house and are constantly turning them on while I go around and turn them off. Of course, after two days of this, I’ve learned just to leave them on.

About a week or so ago, I was stringing some lights up in the playroom for the kids and they both decided they wanted to pretend to be a Christmas Tree with lights. So Little Man put lights up on his sissy and Little Miss did the same with her brother. I then made them take pictures.


Of course, pictures weren’t the point of the activity. They didn’t want their pictures taken and just wanted to be pretend Christmas trees, so taking pictures was an interesting challenge. I, of course, told Little Miss that it isn’t every day that your children turn into Christmas trees to which she replied with just a simple look.

This is her, “Really Mom,” look. She just stares at me like I’m crazy and I guess she’s right. But she was the one pretending she was a Christmas tree. So I guess I gave her a little of my crazies.

Of course, Little Man just sat and did whatever his sister does. He loves copying people. It makes him happy.

They gave up on being Christmas Trees shortly after I started taking pictures and decided it would be better to string the lights around the playroom. So we strung the lights around, set up the nativity set the kid’s have (minus one of the kings who is MIA) all while listening to Christmas music. It was a good day filled with holiday cheer.


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