A First

Last night we got to experience something very special for the first time. Little Miss had her very first school performance.

Little Miss is not a fan of performing in front of large groups of people. I’m surprised there was a smile at all. She did amazing (yes, I’m biased) and performed at least 3 of the 6 songs they sang.

I was so proud of her.  And of course we sat on the opposite side that Little Miss stood on.

Little Man wasn’t having any of it.

He just wanted to go home.

The program itself was a hot mess. And the school thought it would be fun to sneak in a PTA meeting before the kid’s performed. We could barely see Little Miss because people thought it was cool to just stand at their seats so those behind them couldn’t see. Induction to school performances is….well…it’s interesting and something we get to look forward to for many many years to come.  What I learned:

1. It doesn’t matter where you sit, your child will be on the opposite side of the stage making it almost impossible to see.

2. Unless you sit in the front row, you will sit behind the people who stand up the entire time to block any view you have of your child.

3. Parents will not let you through to try to get pictures even if you ask politely. They will just look at you and give you the evil eye while thinking, “how dare she think she can cut in front of me even though I took pictures and videos through the first three songs and there are three more to go.”

4. You can’t be polite at school performances. It doesn’t work.

5. The school will not think ahead or be organized in any way.

6. Your second child will sit through the 30 minutes of waiting time (yes, they had to be there 30 minutes before the performance to….sit in their classrooms and wait) but once the performance starts said child will be very very cranky.

The only thing that matters though, is that Little Miss and all her Kindergarten counterparts did so good. And that made the experience beyond worth it.


One thought on “A First

  1. Grammie says:

    She was the most beautiful of all!! But I might be s little biased. I’m sure Lil Man just wanted to go home!!! Too much waiting time.

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