Little Man has become quite the little smartypants. He doesn’t enjoy that he has limitations. You know…he can’t do everything everyone else can do. Him not liking his limitations is even more true now that he likes to copy everything that you do.

But if there’s one thing you can’t do with Little Man is count him out. He has found a way to do most everything he wants to do. It just happens that Mommy may not like it.

Yes, Little Man I’m talking about you. Adorable little face and all, Mommy does not like what you have discovered. It may be fun for you but for me….

So for Little Man to get where he wants he just moves all my chairs around. The chairs in the playroom, the chairs around the table, all of them around so he can get into whatever he wants. He wanted the markers and coloring books this morning, so he pushed the chair to the laundry room door, climbed on, and opened the door. Don’t worry, the markers are up to where I can barely reach them. But he tried. I’m sure he would’ve climbed onto the washer and dryer if I would have let him.

But I didn’t.

If he wants to “help” me cook, he pulls up a chair. If he wants a light up, there go the chairs.

He’s so proud of himself. Just look at that look on his face. He’s totally letting me know he’s out-smarted me. And I believe he’s right. He even tries to push one up to the stairs to get over the gate.

So who wants to come play musical chairs with my son. Because I swear my chairs are never where they should be!


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