Little Man. Oh Little Man. He has become quite the little copycat. Whatever you do, he follows. Whatever you say, he says. I’ve been taking advantage of this copying stage by teaching him as many words, colors, numbers, letters, etc as I can think up. His vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds.

This copycat thing is typically pretty cute. He’ll copy you when you blow kisses and when you give hugs. It’s pretty stinking adorable.

Except when he copies the dog.

This looks like a cute Little Man just sticking out his tongue. Oh but it’s more. So much more. You see…it had rained recently and there was some water on the cover to the kid’s sandbox.

And Little Man was copying the dog

who had previously been drinking the water.

Little Man was determined to copy the dog and drink the dirty rain water. But alas, I thwarted his attempts and told him that it wouldn’t be in his best interests if he were to drink the dirty rain water.

To which he replied, while shaking his little finger at me, “No, no, no.”




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