DIY Felt Rosette Wreath

I’ve been a tad addicted to wreaths this year. Pinterest doesn’t help this addiction because I wouldn’t have my addiction to wreaths if I didn’t have my addiction to Pinterest.

When I stumbled upon this wreath, I fell in love and knew I had to make it. So make it I did.

Not my photo. Photo credit

Isn’t it pretty? So simple yet so pretty. I decided for Christmas that I wanted a Red one of these. So I set out to get everything I would need.


Wreath form- 12-14 in

Red Felt- 2.5 yds

3 inch circle template- I used the top to a pringles container as another blogger suggested. It worked perfectly!

Something to draw the circles onto the felt-I used a white crayon and it worked like a charm

Ribbon for hanging

Total cost was around $10 or less. I used lots of coupons (craft and fabric stores typically have really good coupons) and I tried to get everything on sale. I will tell you there is a lot of cutting involved. I did mine in stages. I would cut some and then pin some and repeat until my wreath was filled out to my liking. I also can give you a little shortcut to cutting the circles out. But you can’t tell anyone. It’s my secret. Just fold the felt in half, trace circles, and then cut. Magically you have two circles at once instead of just one! This trick comes in handy as you are going to need at least 200 circles, if not more. But if you break it up, it’s not bad at all. I promise!

Of course Little Miss and Little Man wanted to help

You can find the full tutorial here and I am in LOVE with my wreath.

It put theĀ  finishing touch on my Christmas decorations


2 thoughts on “DIY Felt Rosette Wreath

  1. Beth Hoffmanns says:

    Hi honey, Your mantel looks fabulous! You did a great job and I love your wreath. Maybe I passed on the craft gene after all.
    Love ya,

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