30 Days of Thanks-Day 20

Little Miss here. I’m taking over Mommy’s blog for the day.

Maybe not the day. But definitely for this post. Mommy was going to write about something silly. Like being thankful for coffee. I don’t get why she’s so thankful for coffee.I even told her, “Coffee? Mommy why coffee?”

So what am I thankful for?

Mommy and Daddy of course. Oh and Little Man. But only sometimes. Tebow too. Unless he’s chewing up my toys. He doesn’t do that so much anymore. I’m thankful for everyone in my family. I have a really awesome family. I told Mommy that we need to go home for the weekend but she said it wasn’t possible since I have school tomorrow.

Time for me to go. Gotta go pout so Mommy will let us go see everyone. What are you thankful for?





One thought on “30 Days of Thanks-Day 20

  1. Grammie says:

    I am especially proud of all the families. I don’t know how I could get along without anyone of them. Then my most proud moments are when I think of my two Great Grandchildren Lil Miss and Lil Man. I love them both so much and miss them so much. I can hardly wait till Christmas!!!! See you all soon.

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