Drawing in the Sand

My kids…they love all things art. You give them a pack of markers and you probably won’t hear a peep from them for a good 30 minutes. Of course, you might have some new art on your wall as well. I may or may not have some marker on my carpets, windows, and walls. I only buy washable markers for that reason alone.

The other day the kids moved their art to the outside world. Little Miss wanted to bless Mother Nature for the beautiful weather we had been having and she thought the best way to do so would be to draw her a picture.

Alright, Alright. She probably had no intention of thanking Mother Nature when she started drawing in the sand. She just wanted to draw and you can’t draw in the grass.

And of course when Little Miss does something…Little Man is sure to follow suit. He loves his sister.

And he loves drawing.

Ok Ok…he could probably care less about drawing in the sand and just wants to get dirty because Little Man is the typical boy that can’t stay clean for more than a few minutes at a time.

They sat in the sand and drew for about an hour or so. No fighting. No yelling. No complaining. No whining.

Just drawing.

So I’ve decided that instead of buying them toys for Christmas this year, I’m just gonna get them some sand and sticks. They don’t argue over who gets what stick. In fact, they shared the sticks they were drawing with better than anything.

Sand and sticks it is.



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