30 Days of Thanks-Day 14

I am thankful for technology

I know what you’re thinking.

“Really? Technology? Why on Earth? It consumes us.”

If you let it, yes it does consume us. But for me, technology is awesome. Not only does technology let me talk to my husband on a pretty daily basis while he’s deployed, it also lets me see him. Have you heard of a think called skype and webcams? Only possible because of technology. No longer is it just e-mails or hand written letters while he’s gone. I get to hear his voice and when I’m lucky, I even get to see his face. Some soldiers have been able to see the birth of their children thanks to technology. Technology lets me stay in touch with my family and lets my family watch our kids grow up without missing out on as much as they would without everything that we have today. These are the reasons I’m thankful for the technology we have today. These are the reasons I will always be thankful for technology.


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