30 Days of Thanks-Day 13

I’m thankful for music.

Music soothes my soul. When I’m mad, I put on music. When I’m stressed, I put on music. When I have tons on my mind and just need to clear it, I put on music.

What’s even better…my entire family loves music. I’m pretty sure music has the same effect on Mr. Chaos. And my kids adore music. Little Miss loves singing and dancing to it and Little Man…well whenever he hears a song he loves, he starts dancing crazy.

I love most music. My Dad got me into classic rock. The good jams from when he was young. My mom loved country and got me into that. I love classical music and could listen to someone play the piano all day. I swear one day I’ll learn to play. Rock, and pop, and I even love listening to kid’s songs.

There will never be a day I’m not thankful for music.


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