I’ll Be a Pilot Someday

My Little Man. He LOVES planes. He LOVES helicopters. And where we live…you see them often.

“Hey Little Man. Whatcha looking at?”

“Ma…I hear something. Something’s coming. Something big. Something REALLY big.”

“And what do you think that may be?”

“Look Ma! It’s a plane! A PLANE MA! One day, sigh, one day Ma.”

“What sweetie. One day what?”

“One day I’m gonna fly one of those planes.”

“Oh really. You want to be a pilot?”

“Well someone has to fly the plane that daddy jumps out of. I think it should be me.”

“Could you do me a favor first?”

“Sure Ma. Anything for you.”

“Could you get a haircut first? I want you to be able to see where you’re flying.”

“Oh Ma. Anything for you. But could you do me a favor?”

“Sure Little Man. Anything.”

“Could you drive me?”


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