What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been sick. I honestly believe that I caught a light version of the flu. It was bad.

Good news is I’m better and the kids are better. Bad News…well there isn’t any really.

I’ve been slowly, while sick, working on some projects around the house. Organizing and cleaning and making holiday decorations. I have to say,  I never ever believed I was the crafty type. Thanks to Pinterest and the wonderful ideas of others, I have found that I am indeed crafty. The best part of this is that doing crafts and projects around my house has helped with my stress. This is huge. I’ve been looking for a way to help me cope better with my stress and I think I’ve found one way. And crafting and house projects also make my house look pretty. Little Miss jumps in on some crafts and it’s fun spending that quality time with her.

Little Man helps too. However, Little Man seems to make more of a mess when he helps than when Little Miss helps. I don’t think I’ll ever get all the glitter out of my house from one of his little messes 😉 Which brings me to a project I might be tackling….Making this delightful sign

This is truer than true.  I’ll hang it in our entryway to warn incoming guests of what’s in store!

I also took some time to make some picture collages for the playroom as well as making my own canvas pictures which came out wonderfully. I’ll share all my secrets for these projects in the coming weeks. I promise.

Unless I get sick again. Then please send help.


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