Monster Mash

There was a scare yesterday. Halloween was almost rained out. It started raining here around the time I picked up Little Miss from school and stopped during trick-or-treating.

But kids won’t be stopped by a little bit of rain on Halloween. Nope. There’s candy involved which means kids will find any way to go out and trick-or-treat. Most parents were driving and the kids would jump out, run to the houses, and jump back in. There were some umbrellas and some who braved it in ponchos. It was fun to watch.

So what did we do?

We dressed the little ones up of course 😉 Little Miss was Strawberry Shortcake and Little Man was…well…I think it’s kinda obvious…but he was Batman!


I made the tutu and shirt Little Miss wore and I made the Batman cape for Little Man. I’m glad I went the homemade route. They looked adorable and it cost about $15 for both costumes.

It was extremely hard getting any good pictures of the munchkins because of how excited they were. Little Miss and Mr. Chaos took to the streets while myself and Batman handed out candy. Momma and Little Man are a tad sick. And Batman did a fabulous job of handing out candy.

Except he would take it out of the bucket and run the opposite way of the door with it.

OK, maybe he didn’t do such a great job helping. One of the pieces he took out of the bucket did eventually make it into one of the trick-or-treater’s bags.

And whenever the doorbell would ring, Batman would yell, “RICK-OR-REAT!”

It was kinda adorable.

“I’m ready Momma. I’m ready to save the entire world.”

“Ok baby.”

“But I have to do something first…”

“And what’s that?”

“I have to fix my batmobile. It’s not going as fast as I would like.”

“Oh. OK…well you fix up your batmobile and I’ll hand out the rest of the candy.”

I have to say the cutest trick-or-treater I got had to be….

This one of course ❤ She looked absolutely adorable. And she had a great time getting lots of candy with her daddy.

There were lots of great costumes this year. I didn’t see many princesses. More kids were dressed as animals this year and witches, and monsters. In fact, there were so many monsters that Little Miss was scared to go to bed for fear of monsters in her room. No worries though…Momma did a monster check and all was well.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I know we did!


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