Cars, Trains, and Planes

Little Man is sick. He caught it from his sister who caught it from school.

So we’ve been snuggling. A LOT. He didn’t go to bed last night until after 10 because he wanted to snuggle. So there we were….Little Miss, Little Man, and myself all snuggled in my nice warm bed. Mr. Chaos is still off globetrotting or else it would have been very interesting. I may have to talk him into a king size bed for nights like those.

But that’s totally not what this post is about.

You know how you think that kids need toys. Lots of toys. Well they don’t. We have way too many toys and we even donate lots of toys every year. It’s like toys multiply like bunnies at night when everyone is asleep.

Now Little Miss…she plays with every. single. toy. Nope not joking. Not even a tiny bit. She has the best imagination. And if I sneak a toy into the donate pile, which is hidden, somehow that same day, Little Miss asks where that particular toy is.

But Little Man…he seems to stick with the same toys. Cars, trains, and planes. Rarely touches anything else. His Mater is a favorite as are his Chuggington buddies, Wilson and Brewster. And the planes my mom had as decorations at my baby shower…those are a huge hit

This was the other day before sickness plagued our house. His favorite thing to do with the planes?

Smash them into one another of course! He lines them up and then SMASH!

He does other things besides smashing them into one another.  These planes don’t get much air time though. He likes rolling them along the filthy table that  I should really clean one of these days.

And I’ll get right on that one. Right after I  snuggle my boy back to health.


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