The Last Four Days

Friday: Little Miss got sick. I had to keep her home from school.

Saturday: Little Miss was sick. So we colored and painted and carved some pumpkins. OK. I carved some pumpkins. Is there anyone else out there who loves scooping out the pumpkins? Am I the only weird one who is fascinated but the inside of pumpkins? If there is anyone out there who wants to carve pumpkins but not scoop them out…bring those babies to me and I’ll scoop them for you.

Sunday: Little Miss was was still sick. She had this horrible cough and I gave her a cough drop. Oh the cough drop story. I bought some cough drops because her cough was so bad. I searched for the ones that tasted like candy…does anyone else remember those cough drops. I obviously failed at finding the correct ones. I was more concerned that they were fine for her age, which they were but they definitely didn’t taste like candy. The cough drop story goes something like this….

“Here baby…you have to take this. It will make your throat and cough better.”

“It looks like candy.”

(the cough drop taste test)

“Mom, are you sure about this. It doesn’t taste very good.”

“I’m so sorry baby. I know it doesn’t taste good but you have to try.”

“I’m not so sure about this one mom.”

“Please baby. I promise your cough and throat will be better. It can’t be that bad.”

Oh it was that bad. I forgot how horrible cough drops are. I should state that I despise medicine. I can’t take the liquid kind…at all. And I usually have to talk myself into taking the pills. Sorta like, “come on…it’ll make you feel better…just take the darn thing.” My parents would get so frustrated because I would never take my medicine as a kid. I would fight till the death…But I tried the cough drop and had to keep a happy face so my baby would finish hers. Which she did.  But how she ate it….well….she held the end in her hand and would lick it and give painful expressions as she was licking it.

Monday: Kept Little Miss home from school just to be sure the worst was gone. It was.

Which leads us to today….oh glorious Tuesday. Little Miss is back at school and Little Man is now sick. I’ll get to my to-do list…..someday 😉


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