Sick Day

Little Miss got to stay home from school today. She’s a tad bit sick. Not too bad but enough where you don’t want her getting all the other kids sick so their parents have to deal with sick babies.

So what are we gonna do today? We’re gonna party like it’s 1999! Oh yeah!

And by party I mean work on craft projects and widdling down my to-do list. Because I have stuff to do before the hubs is home from his crazy adventure.

I’m really excited to do some of the crafts I’ve found. All of these have come from Pinterest (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest). I have done a couple Halloween crafts found on Pinterest and they have turned out so wonderful!

Crafts are so fun to do especially with Little Miss. She’s such a great helper.


This is a pumpkin made from a dryer vent. Yup. Cute and Easy. Oh and cheap too.

Everyone needs a cute Christmas Wreath. I, in fact, need two. One to hand over my fireplace and one on my door.

Purty. Although this one, I may do with a different fabric. I did my Halloween wreath with burlap and I think I want something different for my Christmas wreath. But I love how simple this one is. It could also be used for Valentines Day.

This. This I love. It’s a No-Sew (that’s right…No-sew) Ruffle Christmas skirt. I’m in love. I can’t sew much (I can really only sew a button on) I should probably learn. Again. Yeah my mom taught me once. Or twice….maybe even three times. Too bad when she was trying to teach me I had other interests (soccer anyone) but now I need to learn. I actually want to learn. But a no-sew Christmas skirt. I am totally doing this.

These are just adorable for Little Miss to do. And so fun.

Those are just some…a handful really…of the crafts I’m going to be tackling. Some of the others I can’t share because they will be Christmas gifts. But I will…someday.


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