Morning Time Fun

1. Little Man has been extremely cranky the past couple of mornings. Possible reasons why….he misses his daddy, his last three teeth are coming in, he’s tired, or he’s really an alien from another planet and wants to go home.

I’m going with alien…why? Because as I’m typing this he keeps throwing his blanket over his head and walking around trying not to run into things. Oh and laughing hysterically.

2. Momma is tired. So tired that I almost talked myself into keeping Little Miss home from school so I could stay in my nice warm bed this morning. I didn’t and actually got up and took her to school. It was a brief (5 minute) thought process.

3. Two nights ago, Little Miss woke me up at 1:00 am to tell me that there were bugs crawling all over her bed. She slept (kicked) me the rest of the night.

No, there were not bugs in her bed. She had a conversation at school that day about bugs and she dreamed that there were bugs in her bed. But I washed her sheets anyways so there could be no question about bugs being in her bed. Yes, she still questioned me for a good 10 minutes about bugs being in her bed.

4. Little Man is a climbing machine. He seems to think that everything is there for him to climb on. He’s also starting testing me a tad bit. He’ll climb on something he’s not supposed to be on (kitchen table) and when I say in my stern “mom” voice, “Little Man get down from there,” he looks at me and smiles a mischievous smile. Then I start walking his way and he gets down super fast.

5. Little Man has also learned how to give kisses. Used to be when I said,” Little Man, give me a kiss,” he would walk over to me and bend his forehead down so I could give him a kiss. Last night he decided it was time to learn to pucker up and kiss. It was extremely hysterical and totally adorable all at the same time.

6. He’s also decided that walking backwards is the way to go.

7. Little Miss is still reeling over the splinter incident. She brings it into conversation a couple times a day.

“Mommy. I have a cough. I think it’s from my splinter.”

“Mommy. My toe hurts. I think my splinter is in my toe now.”

No I’m not joking.

8. I played a joke on Little Miss that she didn’t like one bit. I told her that she had lost two teeth. She was very upset. Then when I told her I was joking, she didn’t believe me and had to go look in the mirror to make sure. She gave me the silent treatment for a good while for that one.

9. Little Man just grabbed my empty coffee mug and drank the last little sip. Today might have just gotten a little more interesting.

10. Have I mentioned I’m tired?


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