Mud Pie

The weather here has been pretty gorgeous the past couple weeks. Blue skies, cool mornings, and warm afternoons.

Although today the high is supposed to be way to high for fall weather. I’ll overlook it but only because we’re getting cooler weather later this week.

Gorgeous weather means outside time. And outside time means Mud Pies.

Little Miss loves to cook. If she’s home while I’m baking, she has to help. She likes helping me make dinner too. And she’s getting pretty good at it. She helps measure, dump, and stir.

So while we were chillin outside one day, she decided that she would tell me how to make a mud pie.

First you have to get your dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

“Whatcha doing Sis?”

“Little Man…I’m making a mud pie for mom and dad. I’d let you help but you’d probably mess it all up.”

Because as we all know, making a mud pie is an exact science. Too much dirt with too little water or too much water and too little dirt and the mud pie is ruined.

You have to get lots and lots of dirt and it doesn’t work unless you get yourself completely covered in dirt along the way. Mud pies always taste better when you are filthy too. And while you’re at it…get your little brother completely dirty too. It’s just funner that way.

And yes….Funner is a word. If you have any questions as to whether funner is a word (Mr. Chaos swears it’s not a word) just check the Mrs. Chaos is awesome dictionary. It’s in there because funner is an awesome word.

OK back to mud pies. Once you have plenty of dirt pour in plenty of water and stir it all up until it looks something like this

Look at that beautiful mud pie. Such depth of color. So chocolatey looking.

Now here’s the fun part. Take mud pie aka chocolate cake and give to your mom and dad to eat. All you have to do is tell them it’s chocolate cake and they’ll eat it.

Because all us parents were born yesterday and don’t know the difference between mud pie and chocolate cake 😉


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