Little Problem

Hi everyone. My name is Tebow. I’m a hound dog and I am here to tell you about a little problem that I have.

Before I tell you about my problem, I just want to say that…well in my own opinion…my cuteness definitely cancels out this problem. I mean I am pretty cute and cuddly. And I’m a good dog. I love my family…especially the kids. I will protect them always. So my problem shouldn’t matter. But mommy said that I may need to TRY to work on it.

And mom’s the boss. I learned that early on. She also gives me treats when I’m really good so I try to do what she tells me.

I suppose I should tell you about my little problem now. I don’t know when I started doing it. I just can’t help myself sometimes. *sigh*

OK here it goes.

I sit on people. That’s it. Just sit on people. Not horrible right. I mean I guess it could be kinda annoying but again…look at this cute face.

With a face like that who cares if I sit on them? It’s not that big of a deal that every time someone sits or lays on the floor, I come over and sit on them. Right?


But of course Little Man cries and Little Miss gets annoyed…So momma said that we should talk about the problem and find a way to fix it. Momma doesn’t mind when I sit on her lap. Unless of course I sit on her lap while Little Man and Little Miss are also sitting or climbing all over her. I haven’t sat on Daddy yet. Hmmm…maybe I should try that. Maybe Daddy would let me sit on him. I ran that by momma and she said that he probably wouldn’t. It’s one thing to lay down with them and cuddle but sit on them and all the sudden you find yourself on the floor and everyone else on the couches.

So if you’re ever over at our place…could you please sit on the floor and let me sit on you? And then you could tell my momma that it’s perfectly normal for a pup to want to sit on your lap when you’re on the floor. Maybe then…she’ll let me keep sitting on people. And that my friends would be awesome sauce!


4 thoughts on “Little Problem

  1. Aunt J says:

    If Tebow could sit on the sofa with you, he’d probably quit sitting on people when they were on the floor. Hey… it’s just a sofa!

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      I thought that too…but he’s allowed on one of our sofa’s (it’s our old sofa). He’ll be all content on the sofa and then if someone sits down on the floor he jumps down, begs for some loving and then continues to sit on you. He’s quite the character.

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