Miss Marley

We’re dogsitting. Our best friends had to go out of town and they have three doggies. But they’re doggies aren’t normal. Nope…they are the best behaved dogs ever.

A few weekends ago we watched Miss Daisy. She was a gem. This week we’re watching Miss Marley and she’s just as good as Miss Daisy was.

Hi Miss Marley. How are you today?

Miss Marley lets the kids do pretty much anything to her. Things like this

and this

What’s that Tebow…You want Little Miss to make you pretty too?

I don’t know who likes Miss Marley more…Tebow or Little Miss. When Tebow gets a little wild and too playful with Miss Marley, Little Miss makes sure he backs off. She has a commanding voice when it comes to Tebow. He knows she’s boss.

Tebow loves Miss Marley and Miss Marley is tolerating the little guy

“I’ll protect you Tebow. I will be your mommy. Until you mess with my soft blankets. Then I will have nothing to do with you.”

No it’s true. I have soft blankets on the couches in case someone wants to snuggle with them. Miss Marley has fallen in love with them. Yesterday I washed them and she was a little lost until I brought them back from the dryer. She immediately snuggled with them.


Don’t they both look completely guilty of something. They didn’t do a thing wrong but look at those guilty, pathetic, adorable faces. They’re becoming the best of friends. I think I might steal her. I say that about Miss Daisy all the time too. They seriously have THE. BEST. DOGS. And when they get back….although Mr. W has no idea of this yet….he will be training little Tebow for us 😉 I mean I’m totally joking in a serious kind of way.


3 thoughts on “Miss Marley

  1. Bethany says:

    So cute!!! Is Miss Marley a German Short-Haired Pointer? I’m always so happy when my dogsitters tell me how well behaved my dogs are, so make sure to tell your friends 🙂

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      I know she’s a pointer but not sure what kind. She’s so cute when she points. I love it! I also think it’s so important to tell them how good they are. I know I like knowing how good my kids are when they are being watched by someone else and doggies are like kids so I always tell them!

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