A Wonderful Problem

I have a wonderful problem.

I know..I know…how can any problem be wonderful? Well I’ll tell you.

My kids have starting fighting over something. But not just any something. Something wonderful. They’ve started fighting over…


No this is not a joke. Whenever I take out the vacuum, which is usually when Little Miss is at school, Little Man insists on helping. I showed him how it was done and he pushed that vacuum all around the play room. Did a pretty fantastic job too.

He loves it. And when Little Miss is home and I get the vacuum out, she wants to help.

“Hey Little Miss…I think you missed a spot.”

“I did…oh I’m sorry Mama. I got this. You just sit down and relax. I’ll take care of everything.”

The beauty of this whole thing is I don’t even have to ask her to help. In fact, sometimes she asks me.

WHAT? You want to Vacuum. Wait a minute. You hate picking up toys but you actually truly want to vacuum?

It truly is a wonderful problem to have.




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