Tooth Fairy Woes

I love this girl. She’s one of a kind and she is most definitely my angel.

She is also very particular. She doesn’t like things that she doesn’t understand. So she asks question after question and worries until she does understand. It is important you understand this about my daughter.

A few of my friends have stated recently that their children, who are all around my daughter’s age, have started getting loose teeth. Which means losing teeth which means tooth fairy. I thought it would be fun to explain to my daughter the wonder that is the tooth fairy while casually alerting her that her teeth are going to fall out eventually.

Bad idea.

She’s terrified of her teeth coming out. No matter how many times I tell her that it won’t hurt and that new teeth will grow in and they won’t hurt either. It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t understand it so she’s a tad bit scared. She’s now checking her teeth to see if they’re loose. She is pretty interested about the tooth fairy though.

“Where does the tooth fairy live mom? How does she know when I loose my teeth? I don’t think they should go under my pillow. She’ll never find it there. And if she doesn’t find it, I won’t get my treat for losing my tooth and it’s not worth it if I don’t get my treat. What does she do with all the teeth? Why does she want mine….can’t she just leave my teeth alone? I kinda like my teeth just the way they are mom.”

All that was discussed at 6:45 this morning. Talk about your wake up call. And no matter what the answer was, it wasn’t good enough. She still doesn’t understand so she doesn’t like it.

So Tooth Fairy, I was told to inform you, from Little Miss, that those treats better be worth the teeth coming out. And a list may or may not be coming your way for acceptable treats.

Good luck my dear tooth fairy…good luck.


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