Fall Bucket List

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not but I love fall. Didn’t use to but now I do.

How could I not like fall you ask. Growing up in Florida, there wasn’t much to the changing of seasons. Once I moved to a state where the leaves changed and pumpkin patches were everywhere with corn mazes and other fun stuff, my eyes were opened a little more. And while we live in a place that has the changing of the seasons, I want my kids to enjoy them.

Enter my love for pinterest. I’ve found so many great ideas for fall recipes and craft ideas (I’m currently making a Halloween themed wreath to hang on the door) and I also stumbled upon this beauty.

Enter-The Fall Bucket List. And I’ve decided that I’m going to make one of my own. It will probably contain most, or all of the stuff on this list and possibly a few extras. It should be very easy to finish every one of these (drink fancy coffee drinks…CHECK) but it will be fun to do with my family and to create special memories of fall with Mr. Chaos and the kids.

So go create your own fall bucket list. Check out any local pumpkin patches, grab a pumpkin and paint it. Or go for a  hayride while sipping some hot chocolate…The possibilities are endless.


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