The Art of the Military Jump

The other morning I was getting ready to go for my morning walk with Little Man and the pups and I noticed that a jump was going on.

A helicopter jump to be exact. How did I know this? Well…one of the drop zones is about 10 minutes from our house. So when they jump this particular drop zone, I typically can walk out my front door and see little blobs in the sky.

Those blobs are parachutes. And attached to those parachutes are some of our brave soldiers.

And as we went for our little morning walk, we were able to watch jump after jump.

There’s the helicopter.

OK. Now there is the helicopter and two little blobs. Those blobs are the parachutes.

And more blobs!

Now there’s more to a military jump than you would think. In fact…most of the time they have to be in hours upon hours before their actual jump time. And the helicopter or plane (which ever is used) doesn’t just drop them any old place. They have to drop them at a certain location based on the wind, how high they are jumping etc. The object of the exercise is to get the troops to land on the drop zone. And yes…this does not always happen. Sometimes the troops are dropped to early, others to late. Sometimes there is a strong gust of wind that blows them all over the place. A military jump, like skydiving, is more than just jumping. If a mistake is made…people can get hurt. That’s why all those who are paratroopers must go to jump school.

Little Man loved watching the paratroopers fall from the sky. I believe his favorite part was the helicopter though.

“Mom” (pointing to the sky)

“That’s a helicopter baby. Say helicopter.”


And whenever Little Miss see’s the paratroopers fall from the sky…she asks which one is her daddy.

“You see that one on the right. The one that’s the highest in the sky. That’s your daddy.”

It’s not really…he wasn’t jumping this day. And I may be able to spot my husband in a sea of uniforms but high up in the sky when he looks like a blob…um not so much. I simply tell Little Miss that he didn’t jump. He’s safe on the ground working. To which she replies…

“You just don’t know which one he is.”

Touche Little Miss…Touche.


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