In-Home Bookstore

I love Little Miss. She has such a creative mind. Loves to color and draw and will do any craft you throw her way. And she has the best imagination I’ve ever seen. Always has. When she was younger she would pretend all sorts of things and she still does.

I would never change how creative she is.

However, with creativity comes a big mess.

As soon as she’s home from school (and done with her homework of course) she is into something. Lately, she creates and In-home bookstore. Meaning she takes all my cookbooks and all the books in the playroom and brings them into the living room and sets up shop. Which means she puts books on the sofas and by the TV and on the end tables.

Forget about sitting down. It’s bookstore time.

And with being 5, she never wants to pick up said books.  She fights for what she believes in.

“But Mom. *eye roll* Why do I have to pick them up? Little Man got them out.”

“Mom, I’m just going to play bookstore tomorrow so why can’t I leave them there. It’s one less thing I’ll have to do tomorrow.”

“But Mom. I don’t want to pick up.”

“No. I’m not going to put the books away because I’m just going to get them out again.”

The best is when she blames Little Man. After I see that she got them all out she goes and blames him. Really. Really Little Miss.

And no…she doesn’t win. And yes…she does have to pick them up. And no…she’s not happy about it and let’s you know about her unhappiness.

But gosh is she creative.


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