Worker Bee

I have a secret that I think I should share. But this secret…it’ll change everything.

OK. Here goes it.

I have a secret worker. Someone who does most of my writing for me.

He’s only 1 and does a fantastic job.

“Mommy…can I stop and have my juice now?”

“Of course baby. Could you just finish that post on the enchiladas?”

“That’s funny mommy. But no. I need my juice. I can’t function if I don’t have my juice mommy.”’s true. Little Man loves to write and he thinks computers are awesome. When I put two and two together I realized that he could do my work for me. I asked him of course. And he was too excited for words.

“YES! Yes mommy! Of course I’ll do most of your blog posts for you! That would be awesome sauce! But I need my juice first.”

So now you know my secret. I have a secret worker who is pretty darn cute and has to have some juice before any work is done. I’d say that’s a fair trade. Juice for work.

Oops..gotta run…juice is done…time for someone to get some work done πŸ˜‰



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