Coloring Maniacs

My children love to color. Little Man has just discovered this recently but Little Miss has always known.

“Hi Little Man…Whatcha doin?”


“No no…what are you doing? Are you coloring?”


“Yes you are my baby. Your sissy is my baby too.”

“Bye bye.”

Baby is his most recent word. So now his vocab consists of hi, bye bye, baby, no, yes, oh, yeah, mama, dada, my, dog, baby gibberish, and random screaming. He’s starting to make his feelings well known and he tries to sing which sounds like screaming.

He also likes copying what people do, especially his sister. Which may be why he likes to color so much. She would color all day every day and she colors with a fierce dedication to her subject.

Little Man on the other hand, scribbles a couple lines and then moves on to something else. Recently he’s been moving on to our walls. Can’t let him have a pen or anything that writes unattended. Trust me. My walls are becoming very decorated.

Little Miss used to write on the walls. And just when she stops….Little Man starts. I used to get mad. Now I just look at my walls as an artist’s studio. Forget paint and hanging pictures…just let your kids draw to their hearts desire.

I’m kidding on that last part. I think. 😉



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