Black and White

I’ve had a sick household. First Little Miss then Little Man and now Mr. Chaos. How I’ve avoided it, I’ll never know. But so far so good.

And of course, they were all sick through the Labor Day weekend. Which meant a nice, long, relaxing weekend. So I decided to play around with my camera. It was a black and white kinda day…well for the camera anyways.

As you can see, Little Miss was her photogenic self. She was begging me to take pictures of her.

Oh wait. Nope that’s wrong. she was pleading with me not to take pictures of her. Sorry Little Miss. I must have misunderstood.

Little Man was looking at pictures. Old pictures of his daddy and family. He likes looking at pictures and when he’s really fussy and upset…pictures seem to calm him down. He kept pointing to the pictures and saying “Baby.” It’s his newest word and he sounds adorable when he says it. I just want to pick him up and squeeze him tight every time. Oh who am I kidding…I do pick him up and hug him tight every time.

And don’t these two just look completely guilty of something. They didn’t do anything wrong but they have that same guilty expression on their faces.

I went a little black and white picture crazy. I have an entire picture set of Mr. Chaos that when you go through the pictures quickly it’s like one of those flip books. It’s pretty funny.

That was our Labor Day weekend. A sick household and a crazy picture taking mommy.



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