If You’re Happy and You Know It

It doesn’t take much to make Little man happy.

In fact…right now there are two things (besides his mommy) that make him over the moon happy.

1. Juice boxes

Nope..not joking. He loves his juice boxes. Always has. In fact, he skipped the sippy cup phase. Went from bottles to cups with straws. He refused to drink out of anything else.

He has expanded some since then. Now there’s juice boxes, cups with straws, water bottles, and regular cups. But by far his favorite out of all of them would have to be the juice box.


Do you remember these? My younger brother stashed them away in the attic and a couple trips home ago, they ended up coming back. Little Man loves them. Plays with them numerous times every day. Little Man isn’t big on many toys. But tinker toys have stuck.

What he’s building…I’m not really sure. But perhaps we have an architect on our hands 😉


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