Coloring Contest

We have been quite the homebodies this week due to a sick little man.

He’s feeling better and his illness is still a mystery. He even had the doctor stumped. Here were his symptoms…

Fever that would spike to 102, crankiness, sleepiness

and that’s about it. But he’s better now so the mystery illness will stay a mystery for now.

So since we’ve had to stay home for the last couple of days, we’ve been doing a lot of art stuff. Because Little Miss loves her some art.

So we all sat down, Myself, Little Miss, and Little Man, and colored.

Oh yeah, I forgot to let you in on a little secret…our coloring contest was spongebob themed.

Because, you know, spongebob is awesome!

The above picture was the winning entry…take a look at it again

Just beautiful. That use of colors and staying in the lines.

So…whose picture was it? Little Man? Me? Little Miss?

The winner of our coloring contest was


Yup, she colored that beautiful photo from start to finish and, as you can tell by her wonderful smile, she was so excited she won.

Congrats Little Miss..You ROCK!


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