My Puppy

Hi everyone…Little Miss reporting. Mommy is too busy taking care of Little Man who happens to be sick.

And clingy. But that’s what we kids do when we’re sick. We cling to our moms and dads.

But I told Mom that she has to write a blog post today. And do you know what she told me.

She said, “Little Miss. I can’t today. I have to take care of your sick brother.”

I cannot believe it. So I thought I would get on here and talk to you all about this guy

This is my puppy Tebow.

I love him. He’s fun to play with.

He really likes playing fetch. And eating sticks.

He likes my toys too. I told him that he can’t eat my toys but he’s still learning how to listen. Mom says he’s doing much better. I’m not sure I agree. Just yesterday I found one of my toys with little teeth marks in them and I happen to know they weren’t Little Man’s.

But that’s OK. As long as he only eats on Little Man’s toys.

He’s even starting to do tricks. He’s learning to sit, stay, come, and lay down. He’s pretty smart for such a little puppy. Mommy says in the short time that we’ve had him he’s already gained almost 10lbs! And the Vet says he’ll probably get pretty big.

And Daddy says that he’s gonna teach him how to track things…since he’s a hound dog and all. Daddy said that he would start teaching Tebow to track me because that would come in handy when I was older. I’m not sure what that means. But Mommy thought it was funny.

And now I have to go…Mommy is calling me and telling me to pick up my toys. I keep telling her that Little Man made the mess but for some reason she just isn’t buying it.

Bye for now!


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