Sassy Girl

I love my Little Miss. She is amazing and awesome and perfect in every way. I wouldn’t change anything about her because that would change who she is and I love who she is.

I wouldn’t even change her sassyness.

Is sassyness even a word?

Well it is now. And no I wouldn’t even change her sassyness.

What’s bad is that sometimes, when she’s got her sassy mouth on, it’s really hard not to laugh at what she say. For instance, the other day we had this conversation.

“Mom, I’m hungry.” ( Homegirl is ALWAYS hungry)

“Well hunny, you’re going to have to wait until dinner. It’s going to be ready is 30 minutes or so.”

“But mom, I’m hungry now. I don’t know if I will be hungry at dinner time.”

“And that’s why you have to wait until dinner to eat. So then I know you WILL be hungry.”

*2 minutes later*

“Mom, can I please have something to eat.”

“Little Miss, what is it about me saying dinner is going to be ready soon that you don’t understand?”

(In an extremely sassy voice) ” Uh the dinner part.”

Between the sassy voice, the way she was standing and her arm movements, I had to turn away so I wouldn’t laugh. Because when you’re trying to be a parent, you can’t laugh when you should be disciplining. So I turned away, laughed, turned back and explained the whole dinner situation.

And while we’re on the topic of dinner, can someone explain to me how my daughter eats 8 million times a day but is still in the 20th percentile for weight? Or could you just give me her metabolism instead? Pretty please…

Back on topic, seriously I have a love/hate relationship with my daughter and her sassyness. Why a love relationship?

Because no matter how much I may not want to admit it, and in the above instance this does not apply, but sometimes in all her sassy glory, the things Little Miss says are 100% correct. And even though she’s saying things in not the best tone of voice, she is voicing her opinion and her feelings…things that need to be done.

So, for now, sass on Little Miss…sass on.


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