My Van Gogh

Lately it seems that all Little Miss wants to do is paint. And of course if Little Miss wants to paint then Little Man has to join in

❤ my little artists hard at work

Look at that focus. That dedication.

Every morning she asks if she can paint.

And every morning we break out the paint, brushes, and paper so she can put her artistic abilities to work.

Whatcha doin there baby?

Mom, you can’t talk to me…I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing and I need complete silence.

Well at least that’s what I would’ve said to my mom if I had any artistic ability in my body but I have none. Not even a tiny tiny bit. Oh wait..I do..I can draw flowers and….and…and…Ok well I can draw flowers. And by flowers I mean I can draw one type of flower.

But boy can I make a mean chicken piccata…that counts for something right? RIGHT?!

But my Little Miss…she can paint and color and draw. I’m a tad bit jealous.

Little Man can paint to…He likes to use his fingers to paint and then…

This happens. Um, Little Man, I know the paint says nontoxic but could we not eat it.


Sure thing Mommy. And if I can’t eat it I suppose I’ll just…

Stick it up my nose!

Oh Little Man…that’s not how you paint either. But I sure can’t wait to show these pictures to your future girlfriend.


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