How To: Be a Super Sword Fighter

Little Miss here and I thought I would spend some time today lending my expertise in…Sword Fighting!

But shhh…don’t tell my mom. She doesn’t know that I’m an expert.

OK…ready…here we go.

1. Find a good stick in the yard. You know the one..not to long but not to short. Not to skinny cuz you know they break really really easily. You gotta find a good tough stick.

2. Grab your little brother. Oh and make sure to find your little brother a stick to. Just not one that’s as big or strong as yours. This is key.

3. Hide behind a bush or tree of some sort. Making sure that enough of you is hidden so your mom has no clue what you’re doing.

4. Now it’s time to start sword fighting!

Oh and make sure that you only hit stick to stick. If you accidentally hit your little brother, he will cry which will then alert your mom that something is wrong and your cover will be blown.

Before y’all start running off to go sword fight, there’s one more thing I have to tell you…

Make sure your puppy doesn’t get a hold of your stick…

He may not want to let go…

❤ Little Miss ❤


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