That’ll Do Little Man-That’ll Do

It was a busy day yesterday. Lots of errands to run and lots of stuff to do around the house. Busy. Like Mondays typically are.

I just wanted to take this time to thank Little Man for being on his best (insert sarcastic tone here) behavior.

I love taking the kids places. They are always so well behaved which makes going places with two kids enjoyable. But today…oh today, Little Man was in rare form.

I guess it all started before we even left the house. You see, the hubs and I recently upgraded our phones and since then, Little Miss has been using my phone for games and music and such. Little man isn’t supposed to play with it but he sneaked it away from his sissy while she wasn’t looking. And what did he do? Oh not much really…just held it over his head and dropped it…on the tile floor…face down. The front is now smashed and unusable. Little Miss wasn’t happy.

Neither was Mama. But there was nothing that could have been done to save it and Little Man had no idea what he had done…so that was that.

Moving on…At Target, Little Man decided it would be fun to take off his flip flop and throw it on the ground. So what did I do? Picked it up and put it back on. Wrong decision. He just took it right back off and threw it right back on the ground. So I put it in my purse. Then he took the other flip flop off and threw it on the floor.

And he wasn’t done being Mister Funny.

Oh no…Little Man had one final act and it was a doozie.

We had to go to the grocery store today. I don’t like grocery shopping as it is but hey, everyone has to eat. I was almost done. Home free.

But Little Man had other ideas. He has recently figured out that he can turn around just enough to reach the higher items in the cart. One of those items, because Mama wasn’t thinking, was eggs. Delicious, delicate eggs. Which Little Man grabbed and proceeded to dump them all over the cart.




That’ll do Little Man, That’ll do.


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