The BIG difference between Little Miss and Little Man

I love watching my kids grow up and learn. I love how alike they are but how truly different they are too. I mean, Little Miss was never as clingy as Little Man is and Little Man doesn’t use as many words that I understand as Little Miss did at his age. He has his own language and it’s super fun having conversations with him. But they both love going places and both LOVE going outside.

You can definitely tell they are brother and sister.

There is one difference however that is very noticeable. One that takes the cake on all the differences between the two.

Let me show you.

When I say, “Smile Little Man,” this is what I get:

Little Man always cheeses it up for the camera.

Smile Little Boy smile

Now on to Little Miss…I say, “sweet girl…will you please please please smile for me?”

“Come on Little Miss. Just once. All I need is one picture of you smiling.”

“OK…that’s not quite the smile I was looking for. In fact, that’s not technically a smile.”

Just one smile is all I ask for.

Hmmmm…still not there yet Little Miss….look like bubba…

Little Man…smile..

Alright sweet girl. Your turn….please can I get one smile? Please please please please please?

YAY! There it is….

Yes my children are alike and different in many ways but the one that stands out the most….Bubby loves him some pictures…Little Miss…not so much.


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