Transformers Rock

I watched Transformers last night with Little Miss. I never in a million years thought she would want to watch Transformers but ever since the night she snuck down and sat on the stairs watching Transformers 2 with me (no, I had no idea she was sitting there watching), she’s been bugging me to watch it.

and by chance, the first Transformers was on early last night.

She was entranced by how they changed from vehicles to robots. So entranced, in fact, that she did this…

Yup she started snapping pictures with my iphone camera. This is Bumblebee. She LOVED bumblebee. I think he was her favorite but she only got one good picture of him. Not for lack of trying. I think I went through 100 or so pictures before I found this one.

She captured Shia LaBeouf. She was pretty entranced with him too.

But her Transformers movie experience wasn’t complete until she captured Optimus Prime on camera. He’s my favorite. And I think it’s save to say Little Man liked him too.

I remember playing Transformers with my big brother. Oh Big Brother, did you know they are selling Transformers again? Well they are and I think Little Man might some for Christmas.

Seriously, Transformers one of my favs.

It’s so fun seeing your kids playing with the toys that you grew up with.

And yes that is Little Man trying to climb up on the TV stand. Methinks he liked the movie too!


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