Fun in the Sun Soccer Match

It’s so hot outside. Unbearably so. For example…today it could reach 110+ with the heat index.


Yet my kids still want to go outside and play. Which is fine. As long as we go out no later than 9am and not again until at least 6pm.

But since both my kids are outside junkies, we typically go out early so they can get some time to run around. In fact the other day we went outside and played a nice round of soccer.

It was fun. Or should I say funny.

Don’t let the skirt fool you…Little Miss can kick. Now I just have to teach her to kick in the direction she wants it to go.

Plant your foot next to the ball and point it where you want the ball to go. Then kick.

Then chase the ball you just kicked and do it all over again.

No matter what..keep the ball away from the defender, aka Little Man. You can’t let him have the ball if you’re gonna score a goal.

Here he comes…keep it away from him. Go Go Go!

Oh No! He got it! Next time Little Miss…we’ll get him next time.

OK so maybe that’s not exactly how it happened. Little Miss actually did a good job of keeping it away from her little brother who kept on chasing her like there was no tomorrow. And Little Man may have only gotten to the ball after Little Miss was done with it.

And through this whole fun in the sun soccer match, I realized that my darling daughter has quite the foot on her. Takes after her momma on that one 😉

With a little more work, we might just have another Abby Wamback on our hands!



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