For the Love of Dough

I have a love love relationship with bread. And pastries. And anything that involves dough.

I could eat it all day everyday. Seriously. When I make homemade bread…it’s gone very very quickly.

So I don’t usually make homemade bread, pastries, or anything with dough…But I let my love of dough get the best of me today. Not only did I make blueberry muffins (Mmmmm….blueberry muffins) I also made homemade ciabatta bread.

Ciabatta bread. It’s so yummy…and so good for paninis which is probably my favorite type of sandwich. Because bread is yummy, but crunchy bread is divine.

Here’s the recipe. It’s yummy. And the best part…it’s EASY.

Nom Nom Nom…ENJOY!


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