I try my absolute hardest to stay away from negativity on my blog. This wasn’t always the case and, thanks to my husband’s honesty, I changed that. I don’t like being negative and try to always look at the bright side. I think I have to for my sanity. But today, I’m going to be a tad negative.

I apologize in advance.

It was a bad day today. Things happened that shouldn’t and no I’m not going into detail. But it makes me mad and sad all at the same time. As I sit here typing this, all I can do is feel the hurt others are going through and kick and scream saying, “It’s not fair!”

Yes, I know. Life’s not fair. But you know what…maybe it should be. Maybe life, for a change, should be fair.

But it’s not and never will be.

To those I love who are going through hell:

I love you

I am thinking about you

I am here for you

I will do anything for you



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