Pretty Flowers

While my mom and her boyfriend were visiting us, we decided to go check out the botanical garden here in town. My mom LOVES flowers and plants and so do I. There is a difference between us though. My mom will sit there and tell me, “Oh look at that beautiful <insert name of plant here>” and I’ll shake my head and kindly remind my mom that I love looking at plants and flowers… but I don’t know the names of said plants and flowers.

Regardless of whether or not I know plant names and all that jazz, I do know that the botanical gardens here are absolutely beautiful.

It was pretty hot outside but we truly didn’t care to much…well Little Miss did…she doesn’t like being all hot and sticky. She’s definitely a little diva but at least she’s a well behaved diva.

I was amazed that the flowers were still among the living. It has been so dang hot here lately. But they were still kickin. I can’t wait to go back in the spring next year!

It was a nice change of pace…walking around nature, not a care in the world. I even threw my phone into my purse and kept it there! No social media distractions…just distractions from Little Man…

Why hi there Little Man…He had a blast running around looking at all the plants in amazement.

Ok, he probably could have cared less about the plants and was more concerned with running around while we all chased him.

He does that. A LOT.

Yes, I will be going back to check out the gardens all year round. I like seeing all the different plants in bloom at all the different times. But if nothing else, it was a quiet walk with beautiful scenery that should be enjoyed. And enjoy it I will.


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