Snow Cone Heaven

I love snow cones, the hubs loves snow cones, our kids love snow cones


I mean how could you not? Icy cold treat on a hot day = perfection ❤

My daughter could eat snow cones all day everyday. She loves them probably more than her daddy does (he loves them A LOT).

While we were enjoying the festivities on base, Little Miss saw that there were snow cones available. She was in heaven.

“How’s that snow cone Little Miss?”

“Oh Mom. It’s delicious. Can’t you tell…I’m scarfing it down and it’s not because it’s a delicious icy beverage on such a hot day. It’s because I love snow cones.”

OK so maybe she didn’t say that. I think that whenever I asked her how it was she had her mouth so full of icy snow cone deliciousness that she just rolled her eyes at me instead.

The teen years are gonna be “fun” with her.

The moral of this story. Nothing. But if it’s hot today, Little Miss suggests that you find somewhere to buy a snow cone because she loves them and according to her, if she loves something, everyone has too!


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