Happy Belated Fourth of July

I hope that everyone had an amazing 4th of July. I have been super busy doing my last huge project for my last class before I graduate (I’m sorta kinda excited). But even with all the work I had to do, I definitely found time to celebrate the 4th.

We started out by going to the new Veteran’s Park they put in downtown and it was beautiful.


So much history….so many memories


Once we explored the park and museum, we headed over to the base celebration. My mom and her boyfriend came into town and the Charlie Daniels Band happened to be performing so we all hopped in the car and headed on over.



It was HOT but that didn’t get us down. We thought ahead and brought coolers with water and snacks. And then we waited…

and we saw the Charlie Daniels Band…and yes…he played Devil Went Down to Georgia…and it was awesome

Little man danced to his heart’s content…little miss ate her snow cone and told me not to take any more pictures of her…she’s a little bossy…gets it from her father 😉

Ok…so maybe she gets it from me…this is most definitely her “I’m sick of pictures face.”

We watched the paratroopers from the jump team jump in. As I watched these four troops float down from the sky, I couldn’t stop thinking of the families who weren’t able to celebrate the 4th with their soldiers and those who have lost loved ones in all the wars we’ve been in. I was reminded of how grateful I am for my soldier being home and being safe. Our troops are the ones that fight for our freedoms and our freedoms are the reason we celebrate the 4th.

Happy belated 4th of July!


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